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Why buy SilveRado

Its simple – quality jewellery at affordable prices

The SilveRado and Pandora range of beads and charms endeavour to achieve the highest level of quality using only the very best materials and craftsmanship.

Pandora’s strategy has been to develop a brand name through extensive marketing. It is interesting to read Pandora’s business strategy as published on their company group web page, no where in this business strategy statement does it mention that Pandora wishes to ensure that the customer receives value for money. 

PANDORA Business Strategy

To work towards PANDORA’s long term vision to become the world’s most recognised global jewellery brand, we have identified the following strategic objectives for the short to medium term: 

Focus on PANDORA branded sales channels

We intend to increase the number of PANDORA branded points of sale in selected markets to derive a significantly higher proportion of our revenues from PANDORA branded sales channels in the future. PANDORA branded sales channels allow us to strengthen the perception of our brand in the retail environment and typically permit an expanded product offering compared with our other points of sale.

Capitalise on our product offering 

In recent years, we have significantly broadened our jewellery portfolio through the introduction of our Compose, LovePods and Liquid Silver collections launched in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively. In the coming years, we expect to capitalise on the potential of these collections as well as on the potential in the Moments and Stories collections, both in existing and new markets. We seek to achieve this through a strong focus on marketing and sales.

Tailor our approach to new geographical markets

We intend to continue entering into new geographical markets and expanding our presence in existing markets where we currently have little or no market presence. We expect to do so primarily through existing retail outlets in well established markets. We expect to focus more on increasing the number of PANDORA branded points of sale (franchise and directly operated) in emerging markets.

Build a global brand 

We pursue a global brand strategy focusing on creating brand consistency across all communication channels and markets. To further strengthen our brand, we expect to spend in the high single digits of our revenues in a particular period for marketing. We intend to continue to use the internet to promote our brand as well as to attract and retain customers by fostering customer loyalty through channels such as the PANDORA Club and our Facebook fan page. In the medium term, we expect to build an online sales platform to further increase brand awareness and maximise customer reach as well as to foster the potential for additional revenue opportunities.

SilveRado on the other hand have decided that “value for money” is a preferable way to market their products as it not only gives their clients an affordable product but it makes it available to a larger client base.

Both SilveRado and Pandora beads and charms will fit each other’s bracelets which allow clients to mix and match. The SilveRadorange is very extensive with the Australian range being designed in Australia.  This range reflects the latest fashion designs available.

We consider that SilveRado offers all customers a range of quality jewellery at affordable prices.

Visit our online shop and view our extensive range at prices that start as low as $22 per charm

See some recent reviews about the range by Pandora published on product

Posted on Mar 2, 2011

Member Since:
Aug 4, 2010

Pros: Beautiful jewellery, incredibly well made.

Cons: Also incredibly expensive, to the point where you are way past paying for the materials and are just paying for the name.

Overall: My husband bought me this bracelet with a charm for each of our children and one for our wedding, but I honestly don't think I will be getting any more of these charms as they are so ridiculously expensive. I think Pandora have found a good selling point, getting people to buy based on emotion and fashion and people aren't really thinking about the fact that all they're getting is a bracelet. Honestly, you don't need a $500 charm to represent your wedding or a holiday, you have plenty of other reminders. 


Posted on Feb 21, 2011

Member Since:
Feb 21, 2011

Pros: Beautiful product. Wide range which caters for most special moments, making it easy to develop a bracelet that is unique.

Cons: Very expensive making it well outside of the average persons price range, especially for the gold range. Some of the gold beads cost in excess of $800 each. Very delicate and prone to breaking if not treating carefully. For a product that is supposed to be a genuine metal, the instructions on what not to do with it is extensive. I would expect it to be more hardy. For the price of the product (especially the bracelets), the warranty is poor. Due to the high price of the product, there are numerous imitations on the markets, making Pandora not look that special at first glance.

Overall: While I have a Pandora bracelet I think that the value for money is poor. While the quality and craftmanship of each individual piece is superb, I can understand the justification of price for the product. 


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