Apple Pie Jewellery Cupcake Hairband

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Crafted from premium-grade acrylic material, this charming hairband for kids is decorated in an adorable cupcake design that can't be missed. Finished in a fabulous fusion of striking shades, this colourful accessory is perfect for everyday wear as well as when dressing up for special occasions. Heightened with sparkling Swarovski elements, this handmade hairband is sure to become your little girl's favourite add-on in no time!

Fuchsia Hairband - Yellow Cupcake
Emerald Green Hairband - Pink Cupcake
Pink Hairband - Purple Cupcake
Yellow Hairband - Lime Green Cupcake
Taupe Hairband - Emerald Green Cupcake
Lime Green Hairband - Fuchsia Cupcake
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