Apple Pie Jewellery Cupcake Cuff

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Gorgeous acrylic Cupcake Kidz Cuffs hand assembled, designed and produced in Scotland.

Suitable for children 4 yrs +

Apple Pie Jewellery is Americas leading range of acrylic jewellery, the range covers an assortment of pendants, hairbands, cuffs, hair clips, rings, pony tail holders and key chains. The brand is funky, fun and colourful and appeals to kids, teens, mums and grandmas. The brand is handmade with ""SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS"" in high quality acrylic.
Fuchsia Cuff - Yellow Cupcake
Emerald Green Cuff - Pink Cupcake
Pink Cuff - Purple Cupcake
Yellow Cuff - Lime Green Cupcake
Taupe Cuff - Emerald Green Cupcake
Lime Green Cuff - Fuchsia Cupcake
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